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Veterinary Procedures

Dog intubated

Our surgical suite is well equipped for both orthopaedic and major soft tissue surgery with modern anaesthetic machines and monitoring equipment including electrocardiographs and doppler blood pressure monitors. All surgery is performed under sterile conditions. We have a separate area for minor or non sterile procedures. Our surgical preparation room is where most pets are anaesthetised and prepared for surgery.

There are no waiting lists and most procedures can be carried out immediately, if in an emergency situation, or at a few days notice otherwise. X-rays and ultrasonography can often be undertaken on the same day.

Modern diagnostic equipment includes X-ray machines for both equine and small animal use, ECG machines for dogs and cats, ultrasonography for small animal, equine, and farm animal reproduction, and endoscopes.

Electrocautery and laser therapy are available, as well as up to date dental scalers, polishers, burrs and drills to keep all our patients as well as our clients smiling.



Hospitalisation & Boarding

Patient in high dependency

Our facilities include an operating suite and hospitalisation wards allowing for observation of critical cases. Our Ward areas can accommodate patients in individual heated kennels, with separate areas for cats, for isolation of patients if necessary, and for those in need of intensive care. A dedicated nurse is responsible for the hospital wards and a second nurse is responsible for our isolation and intensive care unit.

We also offer hospital boarding for sick, geriatric or any patients requiring veterinary care during their stay.

We have boarding facilities for dogs and cats with 3 animal care assistants dedicated to their care. All boarders must be fully vaccinated and dogs must have had their kennel cough vaccine at least 2 weeks prior to their stay.

Boarders may be dropped off or collected at the following times;

Monday - Friday - 8.30am - 5.00pm

Saturday - 8.30am - 2.00pm

Sunday - 10.30am - 2.00pm




We have a very well equipped in-house laboratory with biochemistry haematology and electrolyte blood analysers to provide rapid back up to the vets. We are able to carry out most of the routine tests on blood, skin and urine. This enables us to conveniently carry out preanaesthetic blood testing to ensure your pet is healthy immediately prior to surgery and provides rapid results, often while you wait, for diagnostic tests such as thyroid hormone, cortisol, liver, kidney, diabetes tests, skin scrapings and hair pluckings, urine, biochemical and crystal analysis and examination of cell aspirates from suspect lumps, among others.