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Rabbits - Vaccinations

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Rabbits frequently succumb to Myxomatosis (spread rapidly by fleas) and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (airborne infection). Bottom line is both result in death.
There is now a fabulous, single shot, non painful, annual vaccine against both diseases. Rabbits can be vaccinated from 5 weeks of age.

This is a fatal disease of all breeds of domestic rabbit. The virus is transmitted by fleas, biting flies, and direct contact with infected rabbits. All ages of rabbit are susceptible. The disease can occur as an epidemic or as sporadic cases.

Initially a conjunctivitis develops, the rabbit becomes listless, inappetant, and feverish. The cases that do not die within 48hrs progressively become more depressed, with poor coat, and the eyelids, lips, eyes and ears become swollen. A purulent nasal discharge appears followed by laboured breathing, coma and then death. Occasionally an individual will survive for several weeks.

Treatment is often ineffective but fluid therapy, nutritional support, antibiotics and intensive nursing care may help.

Protection through vaccination is strongly recommended.

Viral Haemorrhagic Disease

This is a fatal, highly contagious disease of domestic rabbits. The disease takes 24-72 hours to develop after infection with the virus, some cases may be rapidly fatal without prior indication of illness. Breathing difficulty, swelling of eyelids, rapid heart rate, convulsions, and blood stained discharges have been reported prior to death.

No treatment is effective. We recommend vaccination of domestic rabbits against this disease.