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Equine - Vaccination


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We recommend routine vaccination against influenza and tetanus, using Prequenza. The vaccination protocol is as listed below.

For Influenza and Tetanus

First dose of the primary vaccination course can be given from 5 months of age followed by the second dose at an interval of 4 weeks. Following completion of the primary course a single dose of flu and tetanus vaccine should be administered between 5 and 7 months after the second injection. Thereafter annual boosters should be given not more than 365 days after previous injection, commencing with the flu vaccine and thereafter alternating with combined flu and tetanus vaccine.

For Tetanus alone

The primary course should be started at 3 months of age, with a 4-6 week interval between the two doses. A booster dose should be administered 1 year after completion of the primary course and thereafter booster vaccinations given every 2 years.