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Dogs - Behaviour




It is an increasingly common occurrence for us to be asked for behavioural and training advice for house pets. Behaviour problems are a frequent cause of concern for pet owners. Today's lifestyle is far removed from animals natural habitat and yet we expect them to adjust without problems. Many animals require time for rearing and training that the owner is unaware of, or unable to provide.

Many people acquire pets without fully understanding their individual requirements and consequently attempt to rear them in unsuitable environments. More animals than ever are facing rehoming or euthanasia for problems that are treatable.

Many problems arise at the puppy or kitten stage, socialisation with other people and animals as early as vaccination will allow is important in the development of the animals personality. The introduction of new pets or family members into the social group can cause problems, and some animals will exhibit perfectly natural behaviour that we regard as unacceptable.

We are happy to offer advice with any behaviour problems that may arise, and help with retraining if need be. If we are unable to deal with the problem then we can also arrange referral to a behavioural specialist.