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Cats - Neutering



Neutering alleviates behaviour problems such as spraying and fighting as well as preventing unwanted kittens.

This is an elective procedure carried out to prevent unwanted pregnancy, to reduce the incidence of certain disease problems, and often to resolve aggressive or socially embarrassing behaviour problems.

In the female it involves the removal of the uterus and ovaries (spaying). This is the usual treatment for diseases such as pyometra, ovarian cysts, uterine torsion or prolapse. Neutering early in life will prevent these problems occurring. The usual age for neutering young cats is 6 months old.

In the male it involves the removal of the testicles. It is carried out to reduce wandering and fighting and it can have beneficial effects on the behaviour of an aggressive animal and prevent unwanted breeding. In cats it is often successful in preventing or reducing spraying. The operation can be performed from 6 months of age.

For more information on booking your cat in to be neutered please see our Downloads Page or telephone the surgery on 0141 887 4111 or 01475 721155.